Friday, April 15, 2011





Okay, this was harder to paint than it looks. I was going for a beautiful blue sky windy day and my suns were going to be blowing in the breeze.

I started off with sketching in just the stems and where the leaves might go, then a round dot of prussan blue and asphaltum for the sunflower face. I started adding in the suns, using a mixture of cadmium orange and raw sienna. Then I put in the whites of the clouds. And lastly - and this is where I couldn't quite figure it out - the sky. I laid in a layer of cerulean blue with titanium white and my brush was so big that I hit the orange of the sunflowers and dulled up the sky. So I ended up mixing cobalt blue with white, which gave me a nice clean blue sky. I later went back and added in my cadmium yellow light for the brightness of the sunflowers. Hmm. I really like it, but I may have to try it again. It is hard working on a small painting with a big brush but it forces you to keep it simple and render that first impression.

(Interesing...when I looked at the painting after my post, I noticed a couple of things that I wanted to fix right away; the cloud in the upper right hand corner, it just looks kind of weird on the right side. No sunflower face on the sunflower in the lower left hand corner - how could I forget that? I think I will let this one dry completely, then take another look at it, and maybe make some adjustments)

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