Wednesday, April 6, 2011





Ah, the hollyhocks. These are so pretty. I'm waiting to see if we're going to have a hollyhock "season" this year - it's been pretty dry, but you can never tell. I see baby plants up all over, but they're only about 8 inches high so it's hard to tell if they will produce like last year. Don't worry, I have some really nice photos if they don't.

The 150 Challenge is moving along nicely now. I'm in the studio every day and getting the hang of these buttery oils. I'm able to open the French door out to the courtyard in the mornings now, that's always such a nice treat.


  1. Very nice, Dee! I'm enjoying your blog. I like the simplicity of your work and especially your bright colors. I hope you paint more hollyhocks!

  2. Linda,
    Thanks, I am loving my little iris too. I have several paintings in mind for dutch flags. My grandma used to grow them. Lots more hollyhocks coming.